Smart Phone Home Monitoring System

Alarm QloudMonitor your home or office for security alarms and pet barking using your Smart Phone or Computer.

AlarmQloudTM listens for alarms/dog barking and immediately notifies you via text or email.

  • Speak to your pet at home through AlarmQloudTM !
  • Listen Live to sounds inside your home !
  • No monthly alarm monitoring or service fees !

Using AlarmCloudTM is easy:

  • Download AlarmQloudTM app for FREE from Qloudwebsite.
  • Plug AlarmQloudTM module into power outlet and it connects to your home WiFi automatically.
  • Use your phone or computer to set up AlarmQloudTM and begin monitoring, live listening and speaking via your smart phone or computer.

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Designed and Manufactured in USA

Coming Soon, where to buy Qloud Products.

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